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English: Food Fraud

On this website, you will find information about food fraud and the efforts made by the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration to tackle the challenges regarding food fraud.

In cases with suspicion of food fraud the products will be seizedFood Fraud means a risk for consumers. Not only for being cheated in an economic way; In worst case consumers are at risk of illness since the quality and origin of counterfeit food - or food traded in illegal ways - are often unknown. At the same time food fraud means unfair competition to food companies who do their best to comply with legislation.

What is Food Fraud?

On the EU-level four criterias are used to define food fraud:

  1. Violation of EU Food Law
  2. Intention
  3. Economic gain
  4. Deception of customers

DVFA-units that works with food fraud on an operational level

  • The Food Inspection Task Force was established in 2006. The unit is also known as "The Flying Squad". Today more than 30 employees with different backgrounds from investigation, law, information technology, accounting and food science assists the ordinary food inspection units in cases regarding suspicion of Food Fraud. 
  • The Veterinary Inspection Task Force is focused on fraud in primary production of animals.
  • The DVFA Laboratory offers a variety of analyzing methods related to food integrity and authenticity.
  • The Alert Unit for Food and Feed handles RASFF and AAC notifications regarding food fraud cases.
Suspicious of food fraud in Denmark?

More information about DVFA

Food integrity – Read more:

Are you interested in learning more about food fraud related to specific products and the possibilities to discover the fraud through laboratory analyses? Find useful knowledge and more material about food integrity on 

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