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Mission and Vision


Professional, sustainable and innovative

Strategy 2020-2023 from the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration sets an ambitious direction for our work internationally, in Denmark and for our organisation internally.


We aim to be a front-runner and work actively to promote Danish sustainable food production. This is not only an advantage for the world, but also

for Danish businesses, which can brand Danish food internationally as sustainable along with a high level of food safety and animal health.

Our mission
The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration works for sustainable food production with focus on healthy animals and people.

Our vision
The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration will create the framework for sustainable food production through knowledge, collaboration and innovation.

The strategy provides the foundation for how we will achieve our goals. Five main focus areas will set the agenda for work up to 2024.

  • Sustainable food cluster
  • Innovation and agility
  • Digital transformation
  • A professional administration and a credible authority
  • Attractive workplace.

Our strategy

2020-2023 DVFA strategy (english version)
2020-2023 DVFA strategy pixi (english version)

The strategy contains external initiatives. Through collaboration with businesses, organisations and researchers, the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration will seek to resolve the challenges we face in a transformation to more sustainable food production.

The strategy has an internal perspective too. We want to be an attractive workplace that attracts employees with the right

professional competences to enable us to realise our ambitious strategic goals. This will be through innovation, digital transformation and by focusing on professionalism and credibility.

All of the main initiatives in the strategy are cross-disciplinary, as we believe that the solutions to future challenges lie across disciplines and skills. And we aim to be a digital administration, offering world-class digital solutions.

Secure administration, competent control, as well as a high level of professionalism are preconditions for a successful strategy, and therefore our core task will remain in focus, alongside with development of the sustainable food cluster, innovation and digitalisation.

Last Modified 4. August 2021