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Detection of Newcastle disease in pigeons 2022

On June 1 2022, the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration detected the first case of Newcastle disease (ND) in Denmark since 2005. The disease was detected in two pigeon flocks in Stenstrup and Stenbæksholm in southern Zealand.

​The pigeon flock in Stenstrup consisted of a single pigeon flock of approx. 100 birds. The pigeon flock in Stenbæksholm was located in an allotment consisting of several private gardens with pigeon flocks as well as hens, canaries, zebra finchs, cockatiels and parrots, a total of about 1000 birds. The products of the hens were used exclusively for private consumption. The pigeons were kept for racing, shows and exhibitions.

Danish Veterinary and Food Administration has culled all birds at the two locations, and established a 3 km protection zone and a 10 km surveillance zone around both locations.
Within the zones, special rules apply for holdings with poultry and other captive birds.

The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration has not detected other findings of ND in Denmark, and is currently investigating if the disease is spread to other herds.

In Denmark, vaccination is compulsory in commercial poultry flocks as well as in hobby flocks, where the birds are kept for racing, shows or exhibitions. This is to protect the large Danish production of eggs, broilers and poultry meat against infection.

ND does not pose a risk to human health. ​