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Service Check of the Poultry Sector in Denmark

The poultry sector in Denmark primarily consists of a production of eggs from laying hens and a production of broilers, while there is a limited production of turkeys, geese and ducks.

The former Danish Minister of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries Dan Jørgensen decided to carry out a "service check" of the poultry sector to highlight possible animal welfare improvements in poultry production.

The "service check" included possible amendments of the surveillance programme for the avian flu, the action plan for campylobacter and the salmonella control programme as well.

The "service check" included both laying hens (including pullets) and poultry for slaughter.

A report from the "service check" was planned for October 2014.


Workshop on poultry welfare 4th of July 2014 in Copenhagen
As part of the "service check", a workshop on poultry welfare was held in Copenhagen on the 4th of July 2014. The purpose of the workshop was to illustrate poultry welfare challenges and give stakeholders opportunity to express their points of view.

The workshop was divided into two sections: one on laying hens including pullets and one on broilers. Experts from Denmark as well as from abroad were invited to the workshop in order to give presentations on relevant focus points. After the presentations, the experts participated in a panel debate.

The workshop will be the foundation for further work with the "service check". The work will continue in two working groups with participation of The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration, the Danish Animal Welfare Society, DOSO and the Danish Agriculture and Food Council with the possibility of including other stakeholders along the way.

Below, you can find the programme for the day of the workshop, a list of participants including contact information and the twelve presentations from the day of the workshop. All presentations are in English.


Programme for the Workshop on the Welfare of Poultry, 4th of July 2014

List of participants

List of participants - Workshop on Welfare in Poultry, Copenhagen 4th of July 2014


1. Introduction to the Danish Egg Sector - Jørgen N. Larsen - The Danish Agriculture and Food Council

2. The Welfare in Laying Hens and Pullets - Pernille F. Jørgensen - The Danish Animal Welfare Society

3. Presentation on Laying Hens -Lina L. Christensen - DOSO

4. Assesment of Animal Welfare in Laying Hens, Including Pullets - Anja Riber - University of Aarhus

5. Comparison of the Welfare of Laying Hens in Different Housing Systems - Claire Weeks - University of Bristol

6. Keel bone Fracture in Laying Hens - John Tarlton - University of Bristol

7. Introduction to the Danish Broiler Sector - Birthe Steenberg - The Danish Agriculture and Food Council

8. The Welfare in Broiler Production - Pernille F. Johnsen - The Danish Animal Welfare Society

9. Presentation on the Welfare of Broilers - Birgith Sloth - DOSO

10. Assesment of Welfare in Broiler Production and Possible Use of Environmental Enrichment - Werner Bessei - University of Hohenheim

11. Leg Health in Broilers - Pathology and Animal Welfare Consequences - Helle H. Kristensen - University of Copenhagen

12. Animal Welfare Challenges in Broiler Breeders with Special Focus on Restricted Feeding and Behaviour - Werner Bessei - University of Hohenheim

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