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What type of products can be approved by the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration

Only disinfectants used in food businesses, dairy herds and fishing vessels with storage of fish for human consumption for more than 24 hours, as well as teat disinfection products and sprays for disinfection of teats before and/or after milking, are approved by the DVFA.

​​​​​​​​​Biocidal products are categorized into 22 product types and four main groups. The active substances that may be used in the different product types differ. If an active substance is not approved for use in a product-type, this active substance/product-type combination will not be legal and therefore cannot be approved. The DVFA only approves certain products within Main Group 1 which deal with disinfection products and are categorized in product type 3 (on veterinary hygiene) and 4 (on food and feed). 

Only disinfectants for the food industry and teat disinfectants (for pre- and post-milking) are regulated by Order No 859 of 23 August 2019 on the authorisation  of disinfectants, etc. in food businesses, etc. that are approved by the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration.

So you ​​​​​​​can apply for approval of a product in the following categories:

  1. Bactericidal effects

  2. Fungicidal effects

  3. Bactericidal and fungicidal effects

  4. Teat dips/spray after milking


You must send the completed form by e-mail to: des-godkend@fvst.dk . The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration sends a confirmation and an invoice ​

Application form for the authorisation of disinfection and teat disinfectants (in English)


Application form for the authorisation of disinfection and teat disinfectants (in Danish)​

The ​DVFA does not approve the following disinfectants:
  • Products in product-type 3 for hoof baths

  • Products in product-type 4 for disinfection of materials and surfaces associated with animal housing facilities

  • Products for human hygiene, e.g. handdisinfection products

  • Products for disinfecting drinking water to humans and animals

  • ​Products to be used to disinfect equipment and containers coming into contact with water intended for human consumption;


Which active substances may be used in biocidal products

The authorisation of the DVFA is conditional on the active substances included in the product being subject to the EU review programme for active substances for the product type concerned. The DVFA's authorisation also presupposes that the active substances used must be approved or under evaluation for the relevant product type by ECHA (EU).

When all active substances contained in the disinfectant have been evaluated and approved by ECHA, an application for authorisation shall be submitted in accordance with the BPR. The Environmental Protection Agency can be contacted for guidance on the authorisation process under the BPR. The current list of included active substances, Annex I of the Biocides Directive, can be found as an electronically accessible EU list of included active substances. The list contains the substances approved under the Biocidal Products Directive and the BPR.

Go to the EU list of included active substances ​

Last Modified 16. March 2022