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Q & A – for food business operators

Here you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions by food businesses regarding disinfectants covered by the national authorisation scheme

How do I know​ if a disinfectant/teat disinfection product is legal?

Disinfectants and teat disinfection products must be approved before they can be placed on the market. If the active substances have not yet been approved, authorisation  must be granted by the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration. If, on the other hand, all active substances are approved, the product must be approved under the BPR.

If the product is approved by the DVFA, it will be indicated on the labelling of the product authorisation.  Authorisations issued by the DVFA can also be found on the DVFA's list of approved disinfectants and approved teat disinfection products. The DVFA also has a list of approved udder hygiene products.  Please note that from 1 September 2019 the udder hygiene products are not approved and therefore the list is not updated anymore.

If the product is authorised under the BPR, the authorisation number of the product shall also be provided. Approved products under the BPR may appear on the website of the Danish Environmental Protection Agency.


Do you want me to chang​​e disinfectant?

Listeria may develop resistance to a disinfectant in the same way that bacteria can become resistant to antibiotics.

Therefore, a company should regularly replace disinfectant or continuously alternate between two or more different types, in order to better eliminate possible listeria bacteria in the environment. This is in order to avoid the build-up of resistant listeria bacteria that can survive the disinfectant. The longer you use the same remedy, the greater the risk that it will happen.

A good starting point would be to have two different disinfectants in stock, which you switch between each month.

It is also important to ensure that the disinfectants used are specifically effective against listeria. For example, some disinfectants are only effective against gram negative bacteria, and listeria is a gram of positive bacterium. You can consult with the supplier of disinfectants.


A product is approved on the basis of its effectiveness and safety. Products approved by the DVFA or under the BPR are therefore sufficiently effective provided they are used for the specified purpose and follow the instructions for use.

How do I make sure I ​​​use disinfectants/teat disinfection products correctly?

By following the manufacturer's instructions for use on the approved product, you can assume that the product is being used correctly.