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Approval of Disinfectants

The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration approves new products for disinfection, udder hygiene and teat dips/sprays. These agents are only to be used in the food industry including teat hygiene in dairy farming and must be approved before use as not to contaminate foodstuffs.

​Products may be approved after an evaluation of the disinfecting effects and of food contamination properties of the product after use. Only products considered not to be a threat to food safety will be approved. Products belonging to PT2 or PT5, or products for use in farming stables/utilities can not be approved by the DVFA. Only products for use as disinfectants for surfaces that come into contact with food can be approved.

Exceptions of approval

  • Hand disinfection agents do not have to be approved by the administration. It is the responsibility of the producer and user of the product that the hand disinfection agents do not contaminate foodstuff in amounts that are hazardous to humans.

  • Cleaning agents for use in food industry do not require approval by the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration. Cleaning agents are required not to pose a health threat via foodstuffs, as stated in the “Fødevareforordningen”.

  • Lubricants used in food production equipment. Normal use will not enable contact to foodstuff. It is the responsibility of the producer of the product that the lubricants do not contaminate foodstuff in amounts that are hazardous to humans.

Application form

You can apply for approval of a product in the following 5 categories:

  1. Bactericidal effects
  2. Fungicidal effects
  3. Bactericidal and fungicidal effects
  4. Udder hygiene before milking
  5. Teat dips/spray after milking

When applying for approval of the above mentioned disinfection agents use the application form from the link below. Approval of disinfection agents requires a fee in accordance with the Danish ”Bekendtgørelse om betaling for kontrol af fødevarer og levende dyr m.v.” If a parallel product (new name, identical ingredients) is applied for, the original product approval must be less than 5 years old. No new product approval is required for company name change only, but a note to the DVFA is required.

If you have any questions about disinfectants or the approval process, please contact us.

Read more about which chemicals can be approved for disinfecting agents here:
Commission Delegated Regulation no (EC) 1062/2014 of August 4th 2014

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"Application for the approval of new disinfecting agents" (in Danish)

Last Modified 4. August 2021